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Address: No. 64-74,Haixia Agricultural Fruit wholesale market,500 meters far from the exit of the north high speed road of Zhangzhou ,Fujian.

Bamboo planting and production base in Thailand

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"Queen of tropical fruits", best in Thailand. Fuda fruit co planting base and processing production base of Thailand's mangosteen, realizing the direct purchase and approval of China's major fruit markets, online and offline supermarkets. Please consult 139-6006-6168 for the direct supply of Rhododendron in Thailand

Fuda - Thailand bamboo processing base

Fuda fruit is located in the high-quality production area of bamboos in Thailand. It has invested and built many processing plants and introduced advanced equipment to sort and package bamboos.

After automatic assembly line and manual selection, the newly picked mangosteen is boxed in different grades.

At the corner of the factory, workers are sealing the box.

Two famous brands of Thailand mountain bamboo

There are two Thailand's mangosteen brands under fidelity fruit, namely, preferred source and bailing. These two brands of mangosteen are planted, picked and packaged from fidelity fruit's Thailand mangosteen planting and production base, and then transported to China's major fruit markets and online and offline supermarkets through cold chain, so as to realize the straight-line batch sale from the production site to the market and ensure the freshness of mangosteen.

According to the size and weight of the fruit, the two brands are divided into four grades, 2a, 3a, 4A and 5A respectively. The quality of 5A is the best.

Preferred source 5A mangosteen

Preferred source 4A mangosteen

Preferred source 2A mangosteen

Bailing brand mangosteen, loaded with cars, set out from Thailand to China

Fuda fruit
30 years fruit wholesale
Direct batch supply of fruit producing areas in the world
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